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zoom out Kim is a Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Information Technology Project Management Professional, a coach/mentor, and a Business Breakthrough Specialist.

A survivor of the Khmer Rouge Cambodian Genocide, she arrived in America at the age of 9 speaking no English. Kim knows firsthand how to break through difficult situations and now shares proven strategies with others about how to leverage an indomitable spirit to achieve even more success in life and business.

Kim believes that strife and domestic violence are events, not people. Her passion is empowering women to strive and thrive while breaking down the barriers to success. Aside from being a Zumba enthusiast, Kim holds a 2nd degree black belt in martial arts. Her clients describe her as results driven, resilient, and persistent.  Kim is an innovator who views life’s struggles as steppingstones to build continuous success. She is relentless about delivering results!

For everyone who wants to eliminate self-sabotage and turn their challenge into the opportunity of a lifetime, her message will arm you with the information you need to move from inertia to action, and most likely, from break down to breakthrough.

If you are just  “done” with not getting the results you want? Maybe you’re over, done and simply ready to move on, move over, and yes, move through your challenge to the life you deserve? It’s waiting for you to break through and own it.

Act today! Work with Kim to make your breakthroughs. write