If you are just  “done” with not getting the results you want? Maybe you’re over, done and simply ready to move on, move over, and yes, move through your challenge to the life you deserve? It’s waiting for you to break through and own it.

Act today! Work with Kim to make your breakthroughs.

Empowering breakthroughs to find great success in business and in life. 

No matter how good you are at anything, a coach makes it better.

confer canesten cream price in pakistan The WILL Program is the only program that has nurture http://wordpress.itwixie.com/47843-nexium-generic-cost.html 7 Infinite Breakthrough Systems that allows our clients to make a paradigm shift that compel you to answer the call to adventure by making major breakthrough that allow you to unblock, unlock, and unleash the indomitable spirit to position for future promotions, become an entrepreneur, or partnering with joint ventures to build wealth and live the life you desire.

Online  WILL Program

The online program is self- guided and it will step you through the course in its entirety.

Digital Library

Access to articles and PDF guides.

Free Private Assessment

Goal settings, challenges, breakthroughs, work together to figure how we can best serve you.

Private Coaching

With 1/1 private coaching you will have not only have access to the Wo/Man Impossible living Life (WILL) Program you will private coaching sessions to step  through the Infinite Breakthrough Systems that guides you to make a paradigm shift to answer the call to adventure, make major breakthrough, learn how to unblock, unlock, and unleash the indomitable spirit, to position your service and your significance that leads to success.

Mastermind Group Coaching

Leverage the power collaborating with like minds with interactive intellectual discussions and get instant structured feedback.  A community that encourages the sharing of ideas and about helping each other with making breakthroughs.


Kim Mennella is a Public Speaker, Entrepreneur and a Global Breakthrough Specialist. For more than two decades, she is in IT Project Management. She  is CEO/Founder of a consulting company managing multi-million-dollar projects and leading diverse teams in enterprise applications implementation, vendor management, and process enhancements.

http://www.matthewhustad.com/42727-buy-zyrtec.html fund A survivor of the Khmer Rouge Cambodian Genocide, she arrived in America at the age of 9 speaking no English. Kim knows firsthand how  to break through difficult situations and now shares proven strategies with others about how to leverage an indomitable spirit to achieve even more success in life and business. Kim believes that strife and domestic violence are events, not people. Her passion is empowering women to strive and thrive while breaking down the barriers to success. Aside from being a Zumba enthusiast, Kim holds a2nd degree black belt in martial arts. Her clients describe her as results driven, resilient, and persistent.  Kim is an innovator who views life’s struggles as stepping stones to build continuous success. 

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